A Trusted Advisor

Our non-profit agency contracted with Susan Black and Allene Professional Fundraising to develop a robust fundraising system for our organization. Throughout her six month time with us, Susan was highly organized and extremely responsive to our questions. Susan challenged our staff and board to extend ourselves to greater growth. I would highly recommend Susan to any non-profit that is looking for a comprehensive approach to not only raising funds, but to also create an organization that is built for long-term sustainability.
— Bill Lutz, Executive Director, New Path, Inc.

A Proven, Seasoned Professional

Susan is the consummate professional whose interest in her clients’ success is taken as seriously as her own. As focused as she is visionary, Susan’s greatest strength is her ability to listen and form a ‘complete’ client profile - which leads to less obvious and more strategically unique answers to her clients’ needs. She unearths the whole picture...which leads to deeper, stronger, more relevant and therefore successful campaigns.
— Cherylyn Rushton Bullock, Founder, Time2Invent

A Team Player and Mission Advocate

Susan is an amazing asset to any non-profit regardless of size. She treats each of her clients as if they are her only clients- pouring the attention and passion she has for mission being served. Her strongest skills lie in being able to lay out a development plan that takes you where you want to go, coaching and mentoring you every step of the way. She is also extremely adept at working with boards to understand their role, create a strategy to obtain their goals and mentoring them to success. I originally was fortunate to inherit the last 6 months of a year long contract with Montana de Luz when I took over as ED six and a half years ago. The coaching and mentoring she provided were instrumental in supporting me to build the infrastructure and financial health the organization was in need of. She has continued to be an invaluable mentor to me throughout the years. I cannot recommend her enough!
— Erika Shell Castro, Former Executive Director, Montaña de Luz

A Creative Trainer and Workshop Leader

I received several emails thanking us for your presentation. There were some “WOWS” and “THANK YOUS” all in upper case letters! Thank you again!
— Carolyn Green, Training and Education Specialist, GroundWork group
I have gotten a lot of positive feedback about the session. In particular, I have heard from several alliance committee members that now realize they need to do a better job of selling (communicating) their project (events and fundraisers). Several have said how impressed they were with you and the research you conducted on credit unions and the alliance structure. Thank you for being so easy to work with and for focusing on the committee’s needs.
— Laura Busque, Director, Membership Engagement, Ohio Credit Union League
“Good workshop!” “Excellent!” “Wish the class was longer!”
— Various Workshop Participants