Available Training Topics from Susan Black, CFRE

Provide dynamic professional education for your board, membership or conference attendees by using development consultant, Susan Black, CFRE!   Susan is a certified Master Trainer with the Association of Fundraising Professionals and has spoken at conferences and seminars in the midwest and mid-South as well as providing training for boards and staff for many non-profit clients.  She is consistently rated as an outstanding speaker. Most presentations can be tailored to your allotted timeframe.  For more information or for scheduling, please contact Susan Black at sblack@allenefundraising.com or at 614-893-7843.


Susan has spoken at:

AFP Central Ohio Chapter
AFP Western Pennsylvania Emerging Philanthropy Conference
APRA Mid-South Spring Conference
Bloomerang Webinars
Charity Channel Press In the Trenches Fundraising Conference
Disability Housing Network
Giftworks Webinars
Grant Professionals Association webinars
Hilliard Visitors Bureau
HW & Co. Nonprofit Success Conference
Nonprofits Lead 2015 Conference
OEG/Capstone Conferences
Ohio Provider Resource Association
Philanthropy Ohio webinars
United Methodist Community Ministries

General Fundraising Education

10 Rules to Fundraise By

Gleaned from the Fundamentals of Fundraising Course taught by the Central Ohio AFP Chapter, this fun training will help nonprofit fundraising professionals of any level strip away the complexity of their roles as fundraisers and remind them of the few simple rules they really need to know to be successful at fundraising.

Help!  They Want Me to Fundraise!

Based on Susan’s book by the same name, in this hands-on session, participants will learn the key building blocks of a successful fundraising program; determine their organizations’ readiness to embrace fundraising; learn the primary fundraising vehicles used by professional fundraisers; and identify specific steps they can take to implement a fundraising program in their organizations.

Creating Constituencies: A Prospecting Road Trip

Back your bags!  We’re going on a road trip!  In this fun and interactive session, Susan will lead participants on the harrowing but exciting road to creating constituencies where none exist.  Attendees will work in groups as they learn the four key steps for creating constituencies and simultaneously design a donor acquisition strategy for their assigned organization.  Whether novice or expert, all skill levels will enjoy the ride and leave knowing how to: 1) identify an organization’s ideal donor; 2) determine where ideal donors congregate; 3) create effective donor communication strategies; and 4) collect key data for donor cultivation. 

Faith-Based Fundraising

The Ministry of Fundraising (presented with Rev. Steve Putka, Senior Pastor, Amlin UMC, Dublin, OH and former Director of Development, United Methodist Children’s Home, Worthington, OH)

Faith based organizations face unique challenges in fundraising including: when Boards see fundraising as “un-Christian”; fundraisers who work for organizations representing faiths which are different from their own faith tradition; and telling a religious story to the secular world.  In this seminar we examine each of these challenges, discuss real case studies, provide do’s and don’ts for faith-based fundraisers, and provide assessment tools to help fundraisers tackle the “problem” of fundraising in their faith-based organization.

Grantsmanship/Corporate and Foundation Giving

Grant Writing Like a Boy Scout: Be Prepared!

Did you know that being prepared to write a grant may increase the chance you might receive funding?  Even if you’ve never written a grant proposal or have only written a few, come learn how to collect the essential boiler-plate materials, consider your Case for Support, and create a Logic Model. Then see what a difference a little planning can make for your organization’s proposal writing success. 

Goals, Outcomes, and Measures, Oh My!  The Yellow Brick Road to Program Grant Oz

Writing program grant proposals or any grants that require specific measurements of impact can be a challenging process, fraught with potential pitfalls.  But with just a little courage, heart, and brains, and by following the yellow brick road of the Logic Model, you’ll get to “Oz” more quickly and keep those flying monkeys off your back!

Ready . . .Set . . . Go!  Grantwriting Basics

If you're ready to write grant proposals, then this session is for you!  In this half-day training, Susan will bring her 20 years of fundraising experience to help you 1) Identify your funding prospects; 2) Write a compelling needs statement; 3) Determine your program goals, objectives and outcomes; and 4) tackle those tricky application questions about evaluation, sustainability and impact.  Come with one or more specific projects in mind, a few ideas about funding sources, and your organization's brochure(s), newsletters or other publicity materials.  You'll leave with the major components you need to complete at least one grant application!

Executive Leadership

A Brave New World: Diversifying Your Organization’s Funding

Many human service organizations are facing new challenges in the “new economy.”  They can no longer rely solely on government funding to cover costs, and only those organizations that are poised for the future will survive.  Designed for the leaders of organizations without existing fundraising programs, session participants will learn how their organizations can take stock of their current assets, build on those assets or create new ones, and discover ways to diversify funding in order to strengthen their organizations for the future.

Key Leadership Factors for Fundraising Success

Most non-profit CEO’s and Executive Directors must rely on their development staff to raise dollars but the relationship between the chief executive and the fundraising staff can make or break fundraising outcomes.  In this seminar designed for CEO’s and Executive Directors, we examine the key factors every CEO should know to ensure the success of their fundraising staff. (This training is also available tailored for CFOs.)

A Match Made in Heaven? The Important Relationship Between the CEO and the Chief Development Officer

A 2012 study found that a significant number of CEOs are dissatisfied with their chief fundraiser and that a large number of fundraisers are dissatisfied with their jobs! Maybe it’s because CEO’s are from Mars and CDO’s are form Venus!  Both parties need new strategies for addressing their differences.  In this hands-on, interactive session, participants will learn the three key factors for building a strong relationship between the CEO and the CDO and leave with specific tools both parties can implement when they return to the office. 

Board Building

Death, Public Speaking . . . and Fundraising

Ask any Board member what they dread most about their Board participation and likely they will say “fundraising”.  In this fun and engaging 3 hour Board training/retreat, Board members will face their fears, embrace their role as community ambassadors, and learn what it really takes for a Board - -and an organization - - to be successful at fundraising.

Help! My Board is Killing Me!

Boards of Directors come in many varieties but nearly all struggle with the same problem areas: recruitment, retention, Board member engagement, and self-governance. For non-profit staff that must work with these Boards, managing the Board often becomes a major stumbling block.  In this workshop intended for non-profit leaders, attendees will gain specific tools to use in helping their Boards become more effective: from mining community resources for the best board prospects, to orientations that work, to “tricks of the trade” for an engaging meeting, to tips on unlocking the hidden potential of each Board member.  You’ll leave energized to work as a team with your Board!


From Toxic to Terrific: Changing the Culture of Your Board

If you know your board needs to change but you don't know how to do it, then this session is for you!  In this fun and interactive session, you will analyze the culture of your board, determine what cultural problems are creating toxicity, and then learn the necessary steps for taking your board from toxic to terrific.  Whether you are a nonprofit leader or a development staff member, you will take away ideas you can implement that are specific to your role in your organization. Come ready to create cultural change for your board!

Technology and Fundraising

Lights! Camera! Action! How to be the Executive Producer of Your Fundraising Video (presented with non-profit photographer and videographer Courtney Schmackers.)

Telling your story to the world is one of the most important things an organization must do to reach potential donors but producing a video can be expensive and is usually outside of the expertise of most fundraisers.  In this seminar we discuss the benefits of video, how you can convince your Board to invest in the medium, and most importantly, what you need to know to get the video you want at a price you can afford.